The Top 5 "No U" moments in history

Top No U moments that you may or may not have heard of before

By Lonyin Chan 25/08/2020

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1. Yugoslav Dictator tells Stalin to "Stop sending assasins to kill me."

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During the cold war, Yugoslavia was a communist country which was neutral. Being annoyed, Joeseph Stalin sent many assassins to kill Yugoslav Dictator Josip Broz Tito which he survived all of them. This prompted him to send a message to Stalin(which no one dares to disagree with) which read:

"Stop sending assasins to kill me. We already captured five of them, one of them with a bomb and another with a rifle. If you send another one, I'll send one to Moscow and I won't have to send another one."

This asserted Tito's dominance over Stalin as Stalin left him alone for the remainder of his years. What makes this even better is that Tito outlived Stalin by nearly 30 years!

2. LBJ makes the French President rage quit

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In 1966, French President Charles DeGaulle took France out of NATO and preceded to demand U.S troops to leave French soil. Upon hearing this U.S President LBJ, Lyndon B Johnson, asked

"Does that include the ones buried at Normandy?"

When Secretary of State Deam Rusk ask DeGaulle, he got up, left and never answered.

3. British paratrooper says he can't take on prisoners when asked to surrender

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In 1944, Operation Market Garden commenced which resulted in disaster. Being outgunned, outnumbered, low of supplies and literally parachuting into a fresh Panzer(German tank) division, the paratroopers in the city of Arnhem were barely holding on. Causing the local German General to send a soldier saying: "The High General says there is no point in continuing this fighting. He is willing to discuss a surrender." where the Umbrella-weilding British officer Digby Tatham-Warter replied:

"We haven't the proper facilities to take you all prisoner. Sorry."

This caused the German soldier to slowly walk away confused. Informed of this, the German General gave the order: "Arnheim auslöschen" (Annihilate Arnheim).

This moment is best summed up in this clip

4. American Officer replies NUTS to surrender demand

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Another No U moment in World War 2, during the battle of the Bulge the Germans encircled part of the U.S. Army in the Belgain town of Bastogne. In the morning of 22nd December 1944, two Germen officers presented a message(shown above) to the 101st Airborne Division offering the Americans to surrender. Upon hearing this, senior officer Anthony McAuliffe replied to the Germens in a letter reading:

"December 22, 1944

To the German Commander,

N U T S !

The American Commander"

This made the German officers very confused as they did not understand U.S Slang which made the ask Is that reply negative or affirmative?" in which the soldier who handed the message said "The reply is decidedly not affirmative".

5. Sparta replies "IF"

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When Phillip II of Macedon was conquering Ancient Greece, Sparta being the closed off military state, was left alone. Sparta being relatively weak compared to Phillip's army, Phillip sent a message saying:

“If I invade Lakonia you will be destroyed, never to rise again.”

In which Sparta replied with one word:


In the end, Phillip decided to just ignore the Spartans and bypassed them.

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