The Top 6 Uno Reverse Card moments in history

The moment when the Uno Reverse card was played against an unsuspecting normie

By Lonyin Chan 29/08/2020

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1. Protestor plays tennis with tear gas

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Quick summary of what happened:

  • Police: Eat this *throws tear gas*
  • Protestor: I’m about to do what’s called a pro gamer move
  • Tear gas: *Return to sender*
  • Police: Understandable have a nice day

2. Man gets shot, does 84 minute speech anyways

(Image credit: MEME)
(Image credit: MEME)

In 1912 then presidential candidate, Teddy Roosevelt, was shot before commencing his speech. When the bloodthirsty crowd descended on to the shooter, Roosevelt calmly said:

“Don’t hurt him. Bring him here. I want to see him.” He asked “What did you do it for?” with no reply, he turned him over to the police.

He then proceded to start his speech despite being told to go to hosipital saying: “I don’t know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot.” In the end, the bullet in his chest was never taken out as it was too dangerous.

3. Romans build walls to keep enemy in and out

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Back when walls kept whole armies out, in 52 B.C.E, Roman general Julius Caesar surrounded his enemy (the Gauls) of 80,000 men in a seige with just 30,000-60,000 men. In a big-brain maneuver, the Romans constructed two sets of two-story high walls(seen above) around the town of Alesia.

Later on, the enemy's relief army of 250,000 men besiged the Romans who were beseiging another army. It resulted in a decisive Roman victory even though they were outnumbered 10/5 to 1.

4. President beats up assassin

(Image credit: memeatic)
(Image credit: memeatic)

On 30th January 1835, Andew Jackson (American President) was the victim of an assassination attempt. Richard Lawrence (Assassin) went up to Andrew and shot at him, but his gun jammed.

A absolute fuming 67 year old Andrew Jackson confronted the assassin clubbing him multiple times with his walking cane. The assassin managed to get his backup pistol out but it also jammed. It took the secret service at the time to wrestle Andrew Jackson away from the assassin.

5. Genghis Khan wipes out whole empire after his diplomats were killed

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(Image credit: know your meme)

Brief Summary of what happened:

  • Genghis Khan sends 500 men to establish an alliance with the Khwarezmia Empire but the men are arreseted.
  • Khan understands things happen and sends 3 diplomats to ease things out.
  • Leader of Khwarezmia executes the diplomats and the 500 men from the first group.
  • In response the Khan destroys the whole Khwarezmian Empire in under 2 years for insulting his messengers.

6. The original fake news

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In the 1948 presidential election, Harry S. Truman won the presidency but the Chicago Daily Tribune printed the incorrect banner headline: "Dewey Defeats Truman".

Instead of posting it on Twitter(as it wasn't invented), Harry Truman waved a copy of the newspaper from his train reportedly smiling and saying: "That ain't the way I heard it!"

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