Fire Simulation

You can download for use on PC, Mac and Linux

Click here to download

In Dropbox click on Download - Direct Download, unzip all files and run Fire_Sim.exe

Note: There is no loading screen so be patient! --- will take longer on mobile(Pressing start/load may freeze your phone for a few seconds)

For Fullscreen click here!


1) For the best experience click on load then load1

2) Next click on fire point

3) Next click on end point 4 times and click and drag the green spots to the 4 corners of the map

4) Now click fire point then either pathfinding or machine learning to start simulation

5) Sit back, relax and watch!


When transitioning back to main menu: screen may seem it is zoomed in (Very rare) -> just refresh the page

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Made with lots of ☕ by Lonyin